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Terracotta Wine Storage Rack

The unusual design of this Terracotta Wine Storage Rack allows it to be assembled in a variety of configurations, but the basic set, when configured as shown, will work perfectly to store up to seven bottles horizontally. The hexagonal "honeycomb" design makes these Racks stackable and very stable, and you can easily buy more sets for an almost limitless configuration. The terracotta's porous quality helps maintain your wine collection at a constant temperature; in fact, you can even turn them into a makeshift cooler by spraying them with water and placing them outside during your next garden party. As the water evaporates from the terracotta, it cools the air around it. Made in Staffordshire, UK, by a respected stoneware company. They will make a great gift for the wine collector in your life.

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  • Terracotta Wine Storage Rack


    Terracotta Wine Storage Rack

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