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The Complete Back 40 Clearing Set

If you need to tackle some serious brush cutting, you’re going to want this set of tools. Everything you need to chop, lop, and saw through, branches, hedges and all kinds of stubborn growths is right here, starting with our Heavy-Duty Machete. It’s a beast, with serious heft to the 18” L, ⅛” thick stainless-steel blade and a solid, ergonomic handle that gives you excellent grip as you hack and slice away. Next up, our Folding Pruning Saw features a rubber covered steel handle and a 10” Japanese tooth patterned blade that cuts clean, smooth, and fast. Finally, our Ratcheting Bypass Pruning Loppers will give you unbelievable power and reach in removing branches and vines up to 2” thick, with 6-position handles that extend from 26–40 inches. This trio will get the job done. 


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  • The Compete Back 40 Clearing Set


    The Complete Back 40 Clearing Set

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