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The Essential Woodworker by Robert Wearing


Somewhere along the line — these days, it was likely through a YouTube video — you got it in your head that you wanted to build a piece of furniture the old-fashioned way. The “real” way. With hand tools. But while a ten-minute video can give you a taste of what to expect, you need more precise, detailed instruction if you really want to succeed.

Plenty of books claim to be ideal for the beginning hand-tool woodworker, but we personally suggest Robert Wearing’s The Essential Woodworker. Classically trained as a woodworker in England, Wearing starts his book with the very basics: sharpening your tools, using them properly in some basic exercises, and marking your boards accurately. Then comes your first project, either a table or a stool (the techniques are similar for both). With Wearing’s expert instruction, you’ll be chopping mortises, sawing tenons, tapering legs, and more until you have a finished piece of furniture. More complex projects follow, building on the skills you’ve learned.


Originally published in 1988, The Essential Woodworker by Robert Wearing had almost faded into obscurity after the publisher let the book go out for print and lost all the original materials for it. It was rescued from obscurity by Lost Art Press and restored to a state even finer than its first edition. It remains one of the publisher’s best-selling titles year after year, and for good reason! This book contains a wealth of wisdom and solid instruction, whether you’re an accomplished maker or you’re just trying to figure out which end of the plane to push.

Wearing drew more than 500 illustrations for the book himself, and they’re some of the clearest and most informative you’ll ever find. This book is produced entirely in the United States and printed on acid-free paper with sewn and casebound signatures to last a lifetime.

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  • The Essential Woodworker by Robert Wearing


    The Essential Woodworker by Robert Wearing

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