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The Very Best Packing Tape Dispenser

Like a lot of you, this writer has had a lot of experience sealing boxes and packages with standard, 2" wide, self-adhesive packaging tape. Commercial hand-held “tape-guns” work okay but are bulky and heavy. The ready-to-use DIY products you can typically get in a stationary store or home center are universally terrible, because they are flimsy and don’t control the cut-off end of the tape. Makes you really frustrated – right? This Japanese-designed DIY hand-held “tape-gun” works like a champ and uses readily available 2" wide tape. It’s comfortable to hold and fast to use because the cut-off tape end stays ready to instantly grab the box with the next swipe. And tear-off is a cinch. Very highly recommended. Will make you happy to have it the first time you use it. (Roll of tape shown not included.) The Packing Box Set includes both the Package Sealer and the Universal Package Opener.

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  • Packing Tape Dispenser

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  • Packing Box Set

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