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Three Olivewood-Handled Knives & Cutting Board

On a recent factory visit to Thiers France, we developed this integrated carving board & three-knife set. Made exclusively for us, the set features the three knives you use 99% of the time. They fit inside the back of the beechwood cutting board & are held securely in place with magnets. This will quickly become the set you reach for no matter what you're making. The knives include two sizes of Santoku-style knives and a Yatagan paring knife. Santoku knives have a thin, light blade that turns down at the tip for precision slicing, dicing, and mincing veggies or meat. The smaller Santoku knife measures 10-3/4" with a 5-3/4" blade and the larger one measures 13" overall with an 8" blade. The 7" long Yatagan paring knife with a 3-1/2" blade has a slightly curved single-edge blade ideal for seed removal and peeling. All three stainless steel knives are full-tang, meaning that the metal extends all the way from the blade through the handle. This is the strongest type of construction which allows for greater leverage and can take maximum force when navigating through thicker cuts of meat and bone. The handles are made of olive wood prized for its fine texture and rich color. The 13" x 8-3/4" beechwood cutting board has a juice canal to keep surfaces clean during cutting and serving. The underside features a magnetized storage compartment for each knife. Made in France.

Care Details: Handwash Only.

Materials: Steel, Olivewood

Dimensions: cutting board -13" x 8-3/4", Small Santoku knife- 10-3/4" with a 5-3/4" blade, Large Santoku knife- 13" overall with an 8" blade, Yatagan paring knife 7" long with a 3-1/2" blade


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  • Complete Chef Set with Large Cutting Board


    Three Olivewood-Handled Knives & Cutting Board

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