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Three Traditional Woodworking Hand Planes

Hand planes are some of the most iconic (and useful) tools in any woodworking shop. Our traditional bench planes are beautifully made and well-balanced tools. They will give you a connection to the process that’s hard to achieve with power tools.

We offer three bench plane models, all with solid cast iron bodies, brass fittings, and carbon steel blades. The three planes will cover you for a wide range of uses and projects.

The Universal #4 smoothing plane which is used for smaller areas as well as the edge of the board. It is typically the last type of plane used prior to finishing. Dimensions: 9” L, with 2” W blade

The versatile #5 bench plane (a.k.a. Jack plane) is used for wood removal and smoothing of larger areas, like tabletops and broader surfaces. It features an adjustable mouth to allow you fine tune the amount of wood you are removing. Dimensions: 14” L, with a 2” W adjustable blade.

The biggest of the bunch, the #7 bench plane, has an extra-long base to enable leveling (flattening) of large areas such as tables, doors (and even floors, if you’re of a mind to do so). Dimensions: 22” L, with -3/8” W blade. 

These castings are fully stress relieved, a process that removes inherent stresses and ensures that the tool will remain flat and true. All planes have a flatness accuracy of 100 microns or less.

#4 Smoothing Plane Specs/Dimensions

Overall Width 2.75" (Blade 2")
Overall Length 9.5"
Overall Height 5"
Overall Weight 4.5 lbs.

#5 Bench Plane Specs/Dimensions

Overall Width 2.5" (Adjustable Blade 2")
Overall Length 14"
Overall Height 5.5"
Overall Weight 5.4 lbs.

#7 Bench Plane Specs/Dimensions

Overall Width 3" (Adjustable Blade 2.5")
Overall Length 21.5"
Overall Height 5.5"
Overall Weight 8.65 lbs.

Individual Items

  • No.4 Smoothing Hand Plane for Woodworking

  • No.5 Bench Plane for Wood Removal for Large Areas

  • No. 7 Bench Plane for Leveling Large Areas like Doors and Tables

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