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Traditional 22” British Panel Saw

We’ve been carrying saws by Sheffield’s Thomas Flynn for decades.  They are carrying on the saw-making tradition of Pax, a company with nearly 250 years of history in the field, working to their historical standards.  The panel saw is used for a variety of rough sawing and is one of the most common saws you will find in a traditional shop.  This is a beautifully made, super sharp, 22” 10 TPI crosscut, intended for cutting across the grain, with finer teeth for a more exacting finish than a larger toothed handsaw. Notably, these can be resharpened.  The handle is two-toned high gloss steamed beech wood, with brass hardware, and the Pax logo embossed on the saw plate.  Made in the UK.

Overall Dimensions

 Width  3/4"
 Length  25"
 Height  6"
 Weight  1.45 lbs.


Individual Items

  • Traditional 22” British Panel Saw


    Traditional 22” British Panel Saw

Subtotal: $174.50
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