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Traditional Buttonhole Scissors

Even experienced crafters may not have encountered scissors like these, which are most often found in tailor's shops. They're designed to do one very specific task- cut clean, precise, repeatably consistent buttonholes in fabric- and they absolutely excel at it. This is accomplished with two features unique to these scissors: the notched cutout near the tool's hinge and the adjustable brass stop outside the blades. The square cutout in the blade allows you to begin your cut in the middle of your fabric, even bunching up a bit of cloth inside the notch. Place the point of your blade just inside the horizontal stitch that marks the hole's top or bottom- known as the bar tack- and use the screw adjuster to ensure that your cut stops shy of the opposite bar tack. Presto: one clean, open buttonhole. Keep your adjuster in place and every cut will be the exact same length. Our Buttonhole Scissors are proudly made in Italy, which has of rich tradition of craftsmanship and design. The 1-3/4" blade is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, and the sharp cutting edge effortlessly glides through the fabric. A useful specialty tool for crafters, hobbyists, and clothing designers alike.

Best Uses: Cutting buttonholes on lightweight to medium weight fabrics

Materials: nickel-plated carbon steel, brass

Dimensions: 4.5"L x 2" W

Best Uses: Cutting buttonholes on lightweight to medium weight fabrics

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  • Traditional Buttonhole Scissors


    Traditional Buttonhole Scissors


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