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Traditional Vase Terracotta Garden Hydrator

Low-fired, porous Terracotta is water permeable when unglazed. Because of this, it has been used since ancient times as a means of slow release irrigation. Known as ‘ollas’, they are a simple and highly effective technology. When filled with water and placed in earth, the natural phenomenon of soil moisture tension regulates the amount of water that seeps through: in dry soil, more water is absorbed by the surrounding dirt, and in wet soil, the water remains in the vessel. This self-regulating aspect makes it ideal for areas that vary between excess and insufficient rainfall. You can, of course, control this further by simply filling the vessel with water yourself, and placing it in a flowerpot, raised bed, or other container with your plants. Made in France and shows the individual marks and characteristics of handmade craftsmanship. Measures 11 ¾” H x 5 ½” W and holds 13 cups of water. The traditional vase shaped hydrator will do well in larger raised garden beds or directly in the ground (these are designed to go into the ground almost to the lip of the vase). These need to be taken out for the winter. It measures 11 ¾” H x 5 ½” W and holds 13 cups of water.

See here how to use our sustainable watering ollas.

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  • Traditional Vase Terracotta Garden Hydrator


    Traditional Vase Terracotta Garden Hydrator

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