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Traditional Woodworker’s Inshave

Also known around the world as a scorp, cooper’s round shave, scorper, croom iron—tools tended to acquire lots of names back in the day—this traditional inshave has several different historical uses. Designed for rough, fast work, it was once primarily used to level joints on the insides of barrels, but these days you’re more likely to see it employed by green woodworkers, who rely on them to hollow out large bowls and troughs. They’re also indispensable for chairmakers when it’s time to saddle a seat (that is, carve out the little curved bit on the seat that contours to the sitter’s bottom). To use, secure your material and pull the handles back toward you, riding the bevel just enough for the blade to dig in and remove the right amount of wood. (You’ll quickly get the feel for it, especially if you’ve used a drawknife before.) Due to the curved blade shape, the tool excels at cutting across the grain with little to no tear-out. It’s a remarkably effective tool. As traditional woodworking has exploded over the last decade or so, these tools are in high demand, and small makers routinely have waiting lists of three to six months or more. Our model, made of 1095 high-carbon steel with durable rosewood handles, measures 6.5" x 7" x 3", includes a custom leather blade guard, and is in stock and ready to use.

Care Details: Strop regularly to keep your edge sharp.

Best Uses: Hollowing out Chair seats and shaping curved items.

Materials: 1095 high carbon steel, rosewood

Dimensions: 6.5"L x 7"W x 3"D; weighs .9 lbs

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  • Traditional Woodworker’s Inshave


    Traditional Woodworker’s Inshave


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