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Transparent Storage Boxes For Your Shop Uses

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Every one of us has lots of small stuff that we only need to access from time to time, but is best kept well organized and visible - screws, bolts, jewelry, small parts, hobby items, small tools or parts, myriad personal bits and pieces etc.

This group of five small transparent boxes made of a very high quality polymer and bound with non-skid corners is the best solution we have ever seen. Ranging in size from 2-1/2 x 5 x 1" up to 6 x 9 x 2", each has interior dividers (some are movable) for flexible use, The lids all open and latch shut easily and perhaps best of all you can always see what's in each compartment.

Every one of you will have different needs, so you can custom pick your order to fit the size mix that you can best use. The more pieces you order, the less they cost. Mix and match. Customize to your heart's content. We think they are terrific. You should love them.

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Mix and match any sizes of boxes to get the discounts listed below. Order more save BIG!
(Discounts will be applied automatically in the shopping cart.)

Size Save 10%
2-4 boxes
Save 15%
5-9 boxes
Save 20%
10 & above
Micro $2.30 $2.17 $2.04
Mini $3.69 $3.48 $3.28
Small $4.37 $4.12 $3.88
Medium $5.90 $5.57 $5.24
Large $7.34 $6.93 $6.52


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