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Two Japanese-Style Razor Saws With Beechwood Handles

These elegant Japanese-style Ryoba saws deliver quick, smooth, and precise cuts. They are an absolute joy to use. Like all Japanese saws they cut on the pull stroke. Since the blade is in tension during use the saw stays on track and cuts straight. On the larger saw One side of the blade has coarse teeth that starts at 6 TPI and increases to 10TPI for ripping along the grain, and the opposite side has fine teeth 18TPI for crosscutting. On the smaller saw one side is 17TPI and the opposite side is 14TPI. These versatile saws are handy for any woodworking or home improvement project. The two sizes mean you’ll cover a range of projects from model making to ripping large panels. The gorgeous turned beech wood handles are exceptionally comfortable and attach to the blade securely with elegant copper rivets. They look and feel great in your hand. Sold as a pair.

Individual Items

  • Japanese-Style Beechwood Handle Razorsaw Set


    Two Japanese-Style Razor Saws With Beechwood Handles

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