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Tyrolean Roulette Game

spin to win

The game of Roulette has been around for centuries and countless variations of the game have sprung up across the planet. Some gaming scholars speculate that this one comes to us from Germany, where it’s known as Bauernroulette – loosely translated as “poor man’s roulette”. No matter its provenance, this roulette game set is a portable, easy-to-play variation on the popular casino game. 

How to Play

For this roulette set, players spin a two-piece wooden top, whose unpredictable dips and swerves disperse the balls across a concave gaming board and into a series of holes, each of which is labeled with a point value. A blue ball scores double points, yellow scores the marked value, and red penalizes the player by the same amount. Teach it to your kids to practice their math skills or play with adults to induce a little of that gaming spirit that has everything to do with chance.

Roulette Set Specifications & Pricing

This German-made roulette game set packs up for easy travel and features an all-natural, wooden construction. Product dimensions measure 8.46” x 8.46” wide and 1.14” tall.

WARNING: Like many of our toys and games, the small pieces in this roulette game set are a choking hazard. Please ensure adult supervision for young children.

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  • Tyrolean Roulette Game


    Tyrolean Roulette Game


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