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UK Made, Spun Iron Baking Sheet

The Best Baking Sheet You’ll Ever Own

From a foundry in the UK that is keeping alive the traditional method of iron kitchen products comes this beautiful and very durable 99.1% pure black iron baking sheet. We had them customize for us to add more baking space, and a 45 degree turn to orient the long side toward the front to assist in inserting and removing.

The secret sauce is the material itself. At 2mm thick it holds heat for a consistent baking and the thickness guarantees your tray won’t bend, flex, or pop in the oven. The sheet can be used in very hot ovens and is safe up to at least 572ºF. The surface is pre-seasoned with flax oil for a natural non-stick finish. It will last generations and keep its consistent appearance, unlike other baking sheets, which start out silver or other lighter color, but which darken in patches over time. Additionally, the increased weight and thickness means that the sheet will not warp in the oven’s heat.

Product Specs/Dimensions

Overall Material Iron
Overall Width 17.25"
Overall Length 13"
Overall Height 5/64"
Overall Weight 5.25 lbs.

Individual Items

  • UK Made, Spun Iron Baking Sheet - Iron


    UK Made, Spun Iron Baking Sheet

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