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Netherton Spun Iron Baking Sheet

Why You Need This Black Iron Cookie Sheet

Garrett Wade’s cookie sheet comes from a United Kingdom foundry that’s proud to keep alive the tradition of creating gorgeous iron products for the kitchen. We added our own spin to the cookie sheet by asking the foundry to expand the baking space. We also asked the foundry craftsmen to design the sheet in a way that ensures effortless removal and inserting.

But perhaps the best-kept secret behind this black iron baking sheet’s success (its secret sauce, if you will) is its 2-millimeter thick material. This material will hold heat for consistent baking. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it popping, flexing, warping, or bending in the oven.

Our black iron cookie sheet is safe to use in ovens as hot as 572°F.

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  • UK Made, Spun Iron Baking Sheet - Iron

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    Netherton Spun Iron Baking Sheet

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