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Ultimate 7-in-1 Board Game Set

Classic board games

Rainy days and family gatherings (and to get a reprieve from screen time) are when we usually break out the board games, and this beautiful combination game set will keep your group engaged. Included in the handsome wooden box is everything you need in order to play checkers, chess, backgammon, and cribbage (board, pegs, and cards), a set of ivory colored dominoes, and poker dice and regular dice. (The dice and cards alone will supply you with many other classic board games to play with family and friends, and a rulebook for the standard games is included as well.) The gaming pieces are stored inside the box, and the lid doubles as a reversible game board with checkers/chess on one side and backgammon on the other. The board measures just under 12” square. 


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  • Ultimate 7-in-1 Board Game Set


    Ultimate 7-in-1 Board Game Set

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