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USA Made BBQ Brush Kit


Cleaning the trusty old grill can be daunting—especially if you aren’t necessarily the type to scrub yours down with every use. Things get nasty in a hurry —and the traditional grill-cleaning options frankly leave a lot to be desired. Our two-piece Tactical BBQ Brush Kit bypasses the traditional steel bristles and scrapers for a game-changing double helix coil system—basically, two twisted springs form one continuous wire surface that automatically conforms to the shape of your cooktop, while digging down effortlessly to clean between the wires of your grate as well. The Forward Assist Brush features an angled handle to let you exert extra downward force with minimal effort—even the oldest, most stubborn bits of charred gunk don’t stand a chance of ruining your next batch of burgers. The ingenious design ensures that there are no bristles to lose and the brushes never lose their shape. Grilling season never truly ends.

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    USA Made BBQ Brush Kit

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