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USA Made Foldable Sturdy Garden Cart

Holds 330 Pounds -marine-grade aluminum 20 All Purpose wheels

This one was an instant hit the moment we saw it—everybody wanted one for their garage or shed.  An ingenious hybrid wagon/cart/wheelbarrow, it’s the perfect solution for your yardwork, landscaping, and construction projects—and it folds up flat for easy storage just about anywhere.  Lightweight and made in America, it’s sturdy enough to handle full loads of gravel, mulch, bricks, firewood, yard waste, and pretty much anything else you can throw at it.  Attach the front and back gates and you have an enclosed wagon for loose materials like soil and rocks; remove one or both and you can haul lumber or larger items. (The rear gate reaches the full height of the sides, while the front is half-height.)  Holds up to 330 lbs. of cargo, with the weight dispersed evenly over the axles for complete stability.

The 20” wheels with pneumatic tires can handle uneven terrain with ease.  Made from high-quality marine-grade aluminum, it resists rust and corrosion even if exposed to saltwater for extended periods. Weighs 33 lbs. fully assembled.  Overall dimensions: 55" x 30.25" wide x 23" deep; folded dimensions: 41"" x 9.5" x 22"" deep.

Includes the front and back gate, both are removable.

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  • USA Made Foldable Sturdy Garden Cart


    USA Made Foldable Sturdy Garden Cart

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