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USA Made Indoor Planter Grow Bags

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Grow plants indoors (or out), in a fraction of the time with these durable, flexible coated mesh indoor grow bags from Garrett Wade. The advantage that these fabric pots have over ceramic or plastic planters is that the mesh allows the root stock to breathe and absorb more nutrients and oxygen without becoming root bound or having the roots circle.

The mesh promotes air pruning, a natural process that happens as plant roots come into contact with fresh air near the walls of the growbag. The root tip stops growing, essentially pruning itself. The rest of the root then branches off with many tiny, healthy feeder roots, instead of a few less healthy circling roots.

NOTE: If you use this inside, you’ll have to place a plate or tray underneath it to catch water.

Sold in three sizes: 1, 2, or 3 gallon. These are durable, heavy-duty, and lightweight bags that are easy to move outside when the weather gets warm. They won't crack, and they’re certified as safe: Nothing from the bag exchanges with the soil. They’re also machine washable, BPA free, Greenguard Certified, and REACH approved for food use!


  • 1G White Bag With Red Trim

  • 2G White Bag with Yellow Trim

  • 3G White Bag With Green Trim

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