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USA Made Leather Dog Leashes

both fixed & adjustable leashes

Our Leather Dog Leads are soft and sturdy to start, and will only get softer and more pliable as they age. We offer two styles: one Adjustable, one Fixed Length. The Adjustable model which has three lengths, 32", 40" or 52" by coupling the clip end to brass D-rings along the length of the leash. It's designed so you can easily transition your dog from some freedom to more control. With an more mellow dog, or if you just prefer one length our Fixed Leash will be perfect. It's 52" from top to clip. The fixed length lead is-3/4" wide and the adjustable is 1" wide, with all- brass hardware, including rivets, clips and D-rings. These are hard-working leashes that can take decades of rain and tugging.

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