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USA Made Stoneware Bread-Baking Cloche

Baking Perfect Bread At Home

Make your own crusty round loaves of artisanal bread at home! The Cloche is bread baking stoneware that serves a dual purpose: (1) Outside the oven, use it as a vessel for your bread dough to rise; (2) Inside the oven, as the Cloche heats up, natural moisture from the covered loaf mimics a steam-injection oven and produces the crusty outside and chewy inside of all great round loaves. It’s the ideal choice for breads like sourdough, rustic country loaves, and soda bread.

With a simple and beautiful Dominion pattern of navy stripes on cream background, you’ll want to display this American-made bread baking stoneware even when you’re not using it. When not baking, we suggest putting the Cloche to daily use as an ad hoc bread box. Sourdough, anyone? 

Cloche Specifications

The cloche is made from local Ohio clay that’s glazed to perfection to produce an item that is both contemporary and comfortably nostalgic. It’s oven, microwave, and dishwasher-safe, and finished with lead-free, food-safe glaze. The bottom diameter measures 10-¾” to allow for massive loaves and plenty of proofing. 

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  • USA Made Stoneware Bread-Baking Cloche


    USA Made Stoneware Bread-Baking Cloche

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