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Vented Garden Grow Frame

Works as miniature greenhouses for smaller individual (or groups of) plants, trapping warmth and moisture and allowing early plantings to start growing, or extending the warmth of the day or the season for your salad greens or herbs, as well as protecting from pests.  This cleanly designed plastic and steel grow frame is perfect for warming an entire short row, and has the added benefit of being remarkably easy to transport, thanks to its handle and minimal 5 lb. weight.  The frame is black powder galvanized steel, and the body is UV-resistant clear plastic.  Included galvanized steel pegs secure the entire assembly to the ground, and a rotating vent on each side protects from overheating. Measures 3’ 3” L x 1’ 8” W x 1’ 2” H.  Some assembly required.  Extend the growing season deep into fall.

Overall Dimensions

 Width  20"
 Length  39" 
 Height  14"
 Weight  7.5 lbs.


Individual Items

  • Vented Garden Grow Frame


    Vented Garden Grow Frame

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