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Vintage Bees Images Jigsaw Puzzles

Birds & Bees Puzzle

These jigsaw puzzles, which feature vintage designs drawn from the natural world will challenge and delight. With a formidable 1000 pieces, they’re not for the faint of heart, but patience and persistence will be rewarded with hours of fun and a beautiful resulting image. We have two designs available: one shows a colorful array of Audubon birds and the other an assortment of images of bees, beehives, and & flowers. The pieces are stored in a soft muslin bag inside a 10” cylinder, and everything is plastic-free. An image sheet is included to help with visual reference, and the final puzzle when assembled measures 22” x 28” (suitable for framing if desired). These birds and bees jigsaw puzzles will make wonderful gifts. 


Individual Items

  • Vintage Bees Images Jigsaw Puzzles


    Vintage Bees Images Jigsaw Puzzles


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