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Vintage French Beechwood-Handled Rabbit Bleeding Knife

French short-bladed knife

Here’s something a little different from the master knife makers of Thiers, France – a Vintage Rabbit Bleeding Knife that will serve nicely as a prep or paring knife in your kitchen, whether working with fruits and veggies or prepping smaller poultry (or, of course, rabbits!). The nicely shaped beechwood handle has two Brass rivets and a short, tapered blade that’s great for working around joints or for coaxing cores and pits from your various ingredients. Light, comfortable, and nimble, this beautiful French short-bladed knife has a very classic look that is paired with exceptional build quality. It will make a great addition to your kitchen knife set, and with proper care it will last you for years and years. We recommend washing by hand instead of using your dishwasher in order to preserve its life for as long as possible. Dimensions: 7¾” long overall, with a 3” blade and 4¾” handle.


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  • Vintage French Beechwood-Handled Rabbit Bleeding Knife


    Vintage French Beechwood-Handled Rabbit Bleeding Knife

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