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Vintage Inspired Garden Trug

Picture yourself this spring and summer heading out to your garden loading up this brilliantly shiny garden basket with tools to work in your garden and coming back with veggies, fruits, herbs, or flowers. Alternatively, you can use it to store and display decorative items around the house, whether dried flowers, fruits for eating, or even crafting supplies. We based our design on a classic 1950’ English design we found at an antique store and had it made exclusively for us. It features galvanized steel construction with a glossy finish that positively shines. The handle’s joining plate is securely attached with two rivets at the body, while a single rivet allows the handle to move and swivel to accommodate more of your garden’s bounty. Sling this over your arm –you’ll definitely want to have it on hand whenever it’s time to harvest (or weed). Dimensions: 18” L x 13” W x 10 ¼” H. 


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  • Vintage Inspired Garden Trug


    Vintage Inspired Garden Trug

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