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Vintage Knife and Kitchen Shears Trio

Historical Sticking Knife + Historical Cooks + Knife Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears

You’ll be reaching for this useful trio of kitchen implements on a daily basis. We keep a pair of the All-Purpose Kitchen Shears in the proverbial “kitchen drawer” and they are indispensable. Made of fully-forged stainless steel, with a buff satin finish and substantial, 5/16"" thick handles. There's something about the balance of the design that makes them very comfortable to use. The cutting edges are 3"" and easily come apart for cleaning. They will cut almost anything: twine, plastic food packaging, cardboard, etc. The two Historical Knives are part of a trove of decades old, hand-forged knives from Thiers, France, world-renowned for cutlery. The Sticking Knife's 6-1/2"" blade will easily slice or butcher small game or fowl. The Cook’s Knife features a blade size somewhere in between a chef knife and a paring knife, making it a wonderful, all-purpose kitchen knife. With gorgeous Rosewood handles and brass pins. Hand-wash knives only (shear is dishwasher safe).

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  • Vintage Knife and Kitchen Shears Trio


    Vintage Knife and Kitchen Shears Trio

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