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Vintage-Styled Brass Horn With Rubber Bulb

This antique car horn will transport you to a simpler time when automobiles and bicyclists alerted one another with friendly honks. The polished brass shines so beautifully that you may only want to look at it. But, please, squeeze the rubber bulb. The bugle horn will produce a robust sound that people will cry: "What was that???" You can proudly reply, "That's my antique car horn." Whether you are a collector of vintage decor, restoring a classic bike, captaining of a ship, or an amateur clown, this brassy bugle is for you.

Sound Preview:

Materials: Brass Rubber

Dimensions: Length is 14.5”. The Horn bell diameter is 2 3/4 inches.

Individual Items

  • Deep Bass Brass Bugle


    Vintage-Styled Brass Horn With Rubber Bulb


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