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Water Bottle Brush

Made in the USA

Personal reusable water bottles are environmentally friendly, and they encourage you to get enough hydration—especially once the weather gets nice and you naturally become more active day-to-day.  But with so many people opting for bottles measuring 32 oz. and larger, those bottles can be a real bear to clean.  Forget the “fill it with soapy water and shake it” method: for a thorough cleaning, you need a bottle brush, and this USA-made one ticks all the boxes.  The tough-scrub bristles give you a deep clean without scratching your bottle, whether it’s plastic or metal, and their shape mirrors the curves of a bottle to give you the cleanest scrub possible.  The hydrophobic foam tip is a thoughtful addition, too, allowing you to really get into the bottom corners of your bottle (and the inside of the lid) quickly and effectively.  The comfortable plastic handle measures 3 ½”, and the brush itself is 10 ½” long and 2 3/8” wide.

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  • Water Bottle Brush


    Water Bottle Brush

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