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Double Thickness Waxed Canvas Log Carrier Brown

waterproof and ruggedly handsome

Waxed Canvas Log Carrier

For easier carting of a handful of logs from your woodshed to the fireplace, our Waxed Canvas Log Carrier is constructed of heavy-duty, military-grade Waxed Canvas #10 (the highest grade of canvas, sometimes called Wagon-Cover grade). It’s treated the old-fashioned way: with paraffin wax to produce a waterproof, rot-proof, and completely reliable material that's hard to wear out. Double-stitched reinforced edging and handles made of heavy-duty nylon webbing. With minimum care, your canvas log Carrier should last for decades.

We are able to get nine good size split logs in it, which is about all we can carry. Once you’re done, this carrier is easily rolled up and stashed away until you need it. Stylish and attractive, the Waxed Log Carrier is great for keeping things tidy around the hearth and dirt and debris off your clothes.

Double-padded carriers. 21"L x 13"W x 12"T

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  • Waxed Canvas Log Carrier


    Double Thickness Waxed Canvas Log Carrier Brown

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