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Classic Western Log Saw

Leave the chainsaw in the garage

Made in the USA

Traditional Log Saw sometimes called a Bull Saw

This log saw shares the same crosscut tooth pattern as other lumberjack saws without the larger size that can make them unwieldy. This 30" blade saw with 4tpi cuts is the perfect choice for wet or dry round logs that need to be cut quickly and efficiently without clogging or binding up like others saws.

We recommend this log saw for logs up to 12” in diameter, although larger logs may be cut with reduced efficiency.

Designed by a California company that makes tools for professional arborists, it’s meant to get to work and provide a reliable tool for years to come. A comfortable wood handhold provides a secure grip for firm cuts.

Durable Lumberjack Saw

We knew we had a winner with this saw when we used it to cut through a very wet pine log and it was every bit as fast as a 2-person saw. Made with a traditional design that’s been used for generations, you can trust it to help you maintain your trees or keep your fireplace well-fed. Pick a log saw up for your home and one for your next camping trip from Garrett Wade today. These are assembled in the USA with an American made handle and domestic and imported parts.

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  • Classic Western Log Saw


    Classic Western Log Saw

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