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Wind-Up Ladybug Family Parade Tin Toy

A Mama Ladybug with Her 3 Little Kids

Wind up this whimsical tin toy ladybug family, and let the parade begin! This beautiful tin toy ladybug pulls three baby ladybugs behind her. The little luck bugs are charmingly decorated with bright blue, red, yellow, and green details in traditional litho printing. The family is connected by metal hardware, allowing them to move in a line together. The mama ladybug moves in gentle curves, pulling her family along, while the three smaller ladybugs spin behind her.

This collectible, vintage toy is not recommended for use by children.

Materials: Tin, Plastic

How to Use/Installation: Turn the brass key to activate the wheels under the ladybugs.

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  • Wind-Up Ladybug Family Parade Tin Toy


    Wind-Up Ladybug Family Parade Tin Toy

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