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Wooden Acorn-Shaped Twine Holder

Charming Blend of Whimsy and Functionality

With a charming blend of whimsy and functionality, this two-piece maple wood holder stores, protects, and dispenses incredibly useful cotton twine anywhere you need it, whether you're in the kitchen, tending your garden, or making gifts in the craft studio. Tie up a roast or a truss a turkey, train your tomato plants, secure a thoughtfully curated gift basket- even just tie up the cardboard recycling. Twine is incredibly useful, and a much more environmentally thoughtful alternative to rubber bands or twist ties. The included roll of cotton twine threads through the top of the dispenser and is easily replaced once you run out. Compact for easy storage in your craft basket or kitchen drawer, your twine will always be within reach when you need it. Made in Italy.

Materials: Wood

Dimensions: 4.3"H x 3.5"W

Individual Items

  • Acorn-Shaped Twine Holder


    Wooden Acorn-Shaped Twine Holder


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