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Wooden Hod with Strap - Made in Maine


Made in the USA

An iconic symbol of coastal New England’s hardworking heritage, the hod is a sturdy wire basket with a wooden frame, suitable for harvesting clams from the icy muck and, once full, rinsing them clean. Over the years, timelessness and functionality of the design has proven popular for all sorts of uses, from gathering eggs to harvesting and rinsing fruits and vegetables to simply storing tools and gardening gear in a sturdy container that lets dirt shake free easily. Made in New England, this version of the hod features a shoulder strap instead of the traditional bowed wooden handle, so it’s easier to carry around the yard or the garden. Made from sturdy oak with wire mesh covered in food-grade vinyl, it will stand up to heavy daily use. Measures 20” x 10”, and the basket is 6 ½” deep.

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  • Wooden Hod with Strap - Made in Maine


    Wooden Hod with Strap - Made in Maine


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