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Woven Bamboo Garden Cloche

This Bamboo Garden Cloche will fit over tender growing plants, such as young lettuce, offering a barrier against intruders and harsh Spring weather as it creates a micro climate. Plus, it looks beautiful and blends well in most gardens. The open lattice lets in both light and air, but protects against strong winds and animals nibbling.

The design can also work as a trellis. Plant climbers like beans and peas around the outside of the Cloche and they'll use it to climb up, giving you easy access during harvesting.

Measures 15 ¾” diameter at the base, and stands approximately 21 ½” H. Some variant in height is to be expected because of the flexibility of the material.


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  • Woven Bamboo Garden Cloche


    Woven Bamboo Garden Cloche

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