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Wrought Iron Gate Latches

Hand Forged For Indoors & Out

A simple gate latch keeps doors closed, but not locked — and that’s a vital distinction. Instead of keeping a space private, it’s a tactile invitation to enter. It also adds character and warmth to any garden or shed. If you’re looking for a unique wrought iron gate latch, the latches at Garrett Wade offer quality and variety.

Our craftsmen hand forge the handle end into a finger-sized loop, then taper it to a fine point that curls back on itself in an elegant decorative flourish. It takes a skilled hand to make a material so sturdy appear to flow so naturally. The opaque black finish is then achieved by quenching the hot iron in oil.

Gate Latch Specifications

Measuring 6 ½” long when mounted and 3” tall at the mounting bracket, this wrought iron gate latch is just the right size for your garden gate, pool shed, or fence, and it also looks fantastic in your cabin or a more rustic-minded home. The latch mounts easily to any surface with four screws (not included) and is suitable for left- or right-sided opening — simply rotate the catch 180 degrees to accommodate the arm.

For cleanup and organization accessories, there’s nobody better than Garrett Wade. Shop heirloom quality tools for home, workshop, and garden when you browse our site now!

Spiral Hook & Eye Latch:

 Pivoting Iron Gate Latch

Overall Length: 7 3/4"   Overall Length: 6"
Length on Center of Holes: 5 1/2"   Height: 3"
Length of Pivoting Arm: 4 3/4"  
Subtotal: $0.00
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