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X-Long-Throw Hi-Tech Flashlight

Beam throw over

We are great fans of powerful, long-throw flashlights. Discovering this light a few months ago was a bit of a thrill. Max output is a powerful 1,000 lumens. But there are others in our hi-tech group that are more powerful than this but do not throw a spot the way this one does – 2,740 ft. The secret lies in the special, very deep reflector. (The engineering involved in this design must be impressive.) As you would expect, the spot is kept as tight as possible.

This light uses a battery pack of four #18650 rechargeable batteries, with an amazing 4 hours of runtime at 1,000 lumens and 300 hours (12-1/2 days) at 20 lumens. Complete output range is 20, 130, 400 and 1,000 lumens.

We supply the X-Long Throw LED Flashlight with four #18650 batteries Free – a $58.00 Retail Value. You will need to periodically recharge these batteries and we recommend our Model i4 Intellicharger shown.

Individual Items

  • X-Long-Throw Flashlight

  • 2 Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries 18650

  • Intellicharger Model i4

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