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New Workshop Tools

New Workshop Tools

Second-to-None Workshop Equipment

No true workshop is complete without a mix of equipment both large and small. Fortunately, at Garrett Wade, our newest workshop tools are sized to meet every one of your unique project needs. Our workshop supplies are among the best you can find online, sturdy enough to withstand the most involved projects time and time again. They’re also designed to make your woodworking tasks easier, so you save time, energy, and your hands. Take your shop to the next level with our latest offerings today!

Enhance Your Kit With New Workshop Equipment

Small Finds: Small additions to your arsenal this year can include our iron tool organizers and hangers, as well as driver sockets and bits with our omnidirectional handle set. Our steel stamps are also excellent for personalizing your quality tools with pride.

Big Finds: Get ready to take on bigger jobs with the help of our A-frame ladder. This ladder is the perfect complement to our popular telescoping ladder with its freestanding design and wide steps. Step up your ladder game with this beauty!

Shop at Garrett Wade Today

At Garrett Wade, we’re your premier source of top-of-the-line workshop equipment. Our supplies are created by craftsmen from all over the world and are often unique with vintage designs. You can feel the authenticity when you grab hold of them, and anyone who looks at them will no doubt admire these beauties.

We offer a convenient 90-day guarantee with free returns. We also offer 15% off any order over $100 if you sign up for our email updates. Shop now!


What makes your tool hangers some of the best workshop supplies online?

Our iron hangers are extremely functional whether you’re using them in your workshop, home, or garden shed. They’re also rustic, aesthetically pleasing, and secure—perfect for providing your shovels, screwdrivers and other tools with plenty of support.

Why is your A-frame ladder so unique?

This A-frame ladder is a must-have in your woodworking tool collection because you don’t have to lean it against any surface. That means you can easily use this workshop equipment as an extension ladder or a stepladder that offers extra height. This ladder is the only one you’ll ever need moving forward.

How do steel stamps work?

Our steel stamps at Garrett Wade include letters (between A and Z) and numbers (between 0 and 8) so that you can easily add your name to any of your prized tools. They work on just about any material, ranging from metal to wood and even leather.

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