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Japanese Gardening Tools

Japanese Gardening Tools

Passionate about honing your green thumb? You can’t go wrong with gardening tools from Japan. The tool kits of master Japanese gardeners will always be objects of envy, and fortunately, they’re easily within reach at Garrett Wade. As soon as you begin to use them, you’ll notice their beauty, durability, precision, and quality. Take your gardening arsenal up a notch by ordering our Japanese gardening tools this season!

Japanese Weeding Tools for Green Thumbs

Ready to cut long grasses around pavers with ease? Our sickle weeder is no match for even the most stubborn grass in the trickiest of situations. Tired of weeds taking over your asphalt driveway or brick garden path’s deep cracks? Put a stop to them with our sturdy weeding tools from Japan.

We also offer a wide range of other premium Japanese gardening tools, ranging from garden diggers to bladed sickles and a number of strong hoes designed to help you to work more quickly and efficiently.

Shop for the Best Tools at Garrett Wade

At Garrett Wade, all of our Japanese weeding tools and more are widely praised for their reliability and unparalleled performance. See for yourself what they can do for you and your garden by ordering today!


Compared to American-made tools, Japanese tools tend to be lighter and smaller, with wooden handles. They are designed for everyday use, and are made from durable materials like wood and steel. Japanese tools are extremely durable while also being aesthetically pleasing. American tools, in contrast, are often heavier and a little harder to use with precision.

Every aspiring gardener should have a few core Japanese tools on hand, including a farmer’s dagger, which is perfect for cutting through a tough plant root system. A bladed sickle is also a must-have for dragging, chopping, cutting, and grabbing twisted roots and the toughest of weeds. A mini rake can be invaluable, too, for loosening soil, cleaning up debris near plantings, and even mixing in mulch.

Give our garden digger, the “hori hori,” a try. This tool is designed for planting, weeding, and loosening soil. Because it features cutting teeth on one side, the digger can even do some light chopping of roots. Expect this beauty and beast to last decades.

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