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How to Install Snap Buttons

How to Install Snap Buttons

How to Install Snap Buttons

Adding snaps to an item is a great way to add utilitarian function that makes it convenient to open and close, even one-handed. Snaps can be inserted on a variety of items like a leather jacket or canvas cushion covers. They’re elegant and their low profile means they can be added anywhere. In this video, we’ll show you how to use our Snap Setter Kit on a piece of canvas to make it into a sleeve.

Materials & Instructions

Snap Setter

Snap Setter Kit



Fabric Punch

Fabric Punch

  1. Mark where you want the snaps to go on your fabric
  2. Punch a hole in your fabric to match the size of your snap
  3. Place the washer through the fabric and place on the jig
  4. Align the top portion of the snap and tap into place using a mallet

Written by Garrett Wade

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