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Which is the Best Knife for You?

Which is the Best Knife for You?

Which is the Best Knife for You?

A knife is an essential everyday tool and there are as many knives as there are stars in the sky. The vast variety of choices is great, but can be intimidating for the knife novice. Since we’ve tested all of our knives as well as countless others, we’re here to help you figure out the best knife for you.

The Bushcrafter/Outdoorsman

The New Black Tactical/Bush Knife trades weight for incomparable durability and heavy duty capabilities. Its heft allows it to handle heavier tasks like breaking down kindling or chopping small branches without taking up too much space in your pack.


For every day carry, a lightweight utilitarian blade is the best knife to prevent your bag or pockets from being weighed down. Either one of these knives would be perfect; it just depends on your preference. The Alpine knife has a liner lock that has been cleverly abridged to minimize bulk, and a carbiner clip that adds functionality.

The Office Worker

If you find yourself mostly cutting open packaging and needing a knife handy for small tasks, the Key Shaped Pocket Knife is the perfect solution. It is small enough to stay tucked away with your keys and will be on hand for any task throughout your day.

The Gardener

Harvesting vegetables or flowers from the garden requires a much sturdier type of knife like these Professional Harvest Knives. Each has a unique profile to tackle different types of produce. The Lettuce Knife has a pointed shape to cut cleanly with either of the two edges, and the Broccoli Knife has a rounded edge, resulting in a circular cut to prevent collateral damage to the plant.

The Backpacker

Looking for an all-in-one tool for your camping adventures? This Campfire Starter Knife includes a fire steel conveniently located in the handle so you can start a fire even in wet conditions. The ‘Scandinavian’ grind Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade has a thinner tip that is ideal for field dressing game and fish, as well as other camping tasks.

The Gentleman

The Olivewood Grip Folding Knife is perfect for any social occasion with its elegant look and effortless utility. The hollow-ground blade and included corkscrew mean that you’ll be ready no matter the situation.

The Boater

A marlin spike and sheepfoot blade make this British Navy Jack Knife the quintessential “rigging knife.”. The rounded tip of the blade means that you won’t accidentally cut anything while maneuvering on a slippery deck. The diamond cut pattern on the handle makes it easy to hold onto, even in turbulent waters. The combo screwdriver/can opener also doubles as a chip fork in a pinch.

The Chef

A Chef’s knife is a versatile tool that can be used for any task in the kitchen. These Vintage Chef’s Knives have black hardwood handles and stainless steel blades to conserve your energy while chopping. A pair that is both beautiful and a functional necessity for any chef.

Written by Garrett Wade

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