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Tools and Equipment to Fill Every Need

Since 1975, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating and curating the most thoughtfully designed, lovingly made heirloom-quality tools to outfit your home, from the workshop to the garden and beyond. Our core customers, both new and old, are the DIYers, the resourceful—the ones who see something broken and wonder how they can fix it, not how quickly they can buy a new one. We believe in our tools and equipment and so do our valued regular customers. We invite you to explore all that Garrett Wade has to offer.

Hand Tools, Gardening Gear & More

We love the way a well-made tool interacts with the user’s body. Ideally, once you get comfortable using it, the tool should practically disappear; the work—whether it’s planing a board square and true or harvesting a bountiful backyard garden—simply gets done. We work hard to provide perfectly designed tools, from the garden to the kitchen, from the backyard to the workshop. With a focus on small makers and family-owned businesses, we source our tools from the most skilled craftsmen in America and across the world: cutlery from Thiers, France; woodworking tools from Sheffield, England; stoneware from historic Zanesville, Ohio. No matter what you’re making or fixing, the right tool makes all the difference, and we’re confident that we’ve got just the one you’re looking for.

About Garrett Wade

Garrett Wade has been making, sourcing, and selling top-quality tools and more since 1975. Our customers are passionate about woodworking, gardening, cooking and baking, home improvement, and the DIY ethos of making and fixing—and so are we. With a dedication to small, family-run businesses and an eye for craftsmanship and quality, we take tremendous pride in connecting makers with the best possible tools for the job at hand. We stand by everything we sell, and everything we carry is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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