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Lamps + Lanterns

Lanterns and Oil Lamps for Sale

Vintage Designs: Delivering a bright, powerful light, our oil lamps include attractive vintage options. A favorite among campers, kerosene is low-cost and long-burning. Larger hurricane-style lamps are made for longer use and can help get you through the longest nights.

Lamp oil: Lamp oil doesn’t burn as brightly as kerosene, but it burns cleaner with more consistent light. This makes oil lamps popular for indoor and emergency use, when the dark smoke from kerosene may not be desirable.

Candles: Our colonial-style brass and copper candleholders radiate a surprising amount of light. The windscreen on these vintage lanterns also helps keep the candle from blowing out, making these perfect for home or camping.

Quality Tools From the Past

For over four decades, we’ve brought you the classic tools you miss from days gone by. Made with vintage designs and high-quality materials, you’ll get the look and durability you’ve been searching for.

We carry a variety of oil lamps for sale in designs that have been popular in America for generations.

Since oil lamps give you the warm glow of oil, they are the perfect choice for distinctive decorative elements in your home or shop. These functional designs are a great value that you can count on to last.

Your purchase is protected by our 90-day money-back guarantee with free returns if you aren’t satisfied. Find the right vintage lanterns for your home, shop, or campsite today.

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