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19-in-1 Key Ring Tools

Ensures you're fully prepared. Securely attaches to your key ring

The only thing better than having one dependable tool at your disposal is having 19—and all in one place. That’s what this keyring multi tool has to offer, and it’s why our customers can’t wait to get their hands on it. No matter where you’re headed or what you’re doing, this portable toolset provides the convenience of an entire toolbox in one handy keyring.

A Convenient Keyring Multi Tool

This ultra-compact device stands out for its 19 functions. The keyring’s tools include two hex wrenches and six screwdrivers (both Phillips and slot). On this ring, you’ll also find pliers, a file, a bottle opener, and a drill. The device comes with a wire cutter/crimper/stripper as well. Finally, you’ll have easy access to two rulers and extensions (mm and inches) as well.

This stainless steel, buffed multi tool is simple to use. Just unfold it and refold it as needed. The attachment for your keyring is also super secure. Don’t want to carry it around with your keys? Simply stow it in your glove box or purse. This keyring multi tool is a must-have gift for yourself. It’s also the perfect stocking stuffer for family and friends.

Garrett Wade: Your Premier Tool Provider

At Garret Wade, our woodworking and outdoor tools are known for their superior workmanship. We also take pride in our tools’ superb designs and durable materials. Our tools further stand out in that they are truly unique; most aren’t available from other sellers in the US.

Our products are also guaranteed to improve your projects and enrich your daily life. For instance, expect easier cuts and less bending over when you use these tools. Don’t be surprised if you notice your heart beating a bit faster when you open up your order. Shop now!

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  • 19-in-1 Key Ring Tools


    19-in-1 Key Ring Tools

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