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24" Spork-style Spade

The Dutch take their gardening seriously. These come to us from a 4th generation family-run business that has been making traditional gardening tools in a small town in Northern Holland since 1898.

Notice their length-- we all know that long days in the garden can be tough on knees and back. These extra long handles reach farther, and your joints will thank you for using them. Not only a pleasure to hold, they’re tough and beautiful to boot. The solid ash handles with forged steel heads are made to last. T-Grip handles are oriented in alignment with the tool heads to ease stress on your wrists. They complement each other well as a pair. Keep both handy to maximize their usefulness.

The tulip-shaped 7”x 4” blades of the Long Spade are slotted, giving them a slight spring action, but will not bend even under tough use. The three tines bite cleanly through hard dirt or tough thatch, and will cut easily through plant material, such as when splitting large perennials. Overall length 24”

The 24” Long Garden Trowel-Scoop’s 8” x 5” head has a sharpened front edge. The long handle and ample proportions let you move more material with less stress on knees and backs (something we can all appreciate).

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DeWit tools are a direct connection to the time when the best tools often came from the village blacksmith. Innovated and evolved from experience and made to last forever, a DeWit-made tool represents the closest possible connection between the tool maker and the tool user to be found in today’s global market. Willem de Wit opened his blacksmith shop in Kornhorn, a small village in northern Holland, in 1898. He did all the things a country village blacksmith did back then – he was a farrier, repaired kettles and sold bicycles. When his sons joined him the business grew, making tools for agriculture. A DeWit tool came to be known to combine good design, skilled craftsmanship and the very best materials, and soon their spades and hoes were in demand all over Holland. The 4th generation of the de Wit family today runs the company by the same principles and standards. Skilled hand forging may be augmented with modern techniques and equipment where appropriate, but the essential connection between the designer/maker and the user endures – only now the de Wits listen to gardeners and farmers from all over the world. And their continued insistence on only the best materials can be readily appreciated in the use of FSC-certified ash handles and Swedish boron steel – the same steel used on a popular brand of bulldozer blades!

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