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Heavy-Duty Straight Spade

Saves you time and effort

A sharp edge on a digging tool is critical for fast and efficient work. The company that makes our prized all-steel, lifetime professional-quality diggers has developed a brilliant new method for keeping the edge sharp. And over 6 months of field testing has proven it really works.

How did they do it? By putting the bevel on the back side of the spade instead of the front. A back-side bevel is abraded naturally by a smooth earth section each time the spade is inserted, as opposed to the normal bevel just being pressed against rubble on the front side. This heavy duty tool has a 42-1/2" long handle and a full 15" by 6" wide blade. A rubber foot pad is available, and fits on either side. Your great-grandchildren will use this tool. Made in the USA. 

Individual Items

  • Straight Spade- heavy duty


    Heavy-Duty Straight Spade


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