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Kindling & Clearing Hatchet – 27 In. long Handle

An easy to swing hatchet made in Germany

This new hatchet is terrific around the house or the campsite, and comes with our logo laser-etched onto the USA hickory handle. The steel head is the same as our popular Yankee Hatchet, but at a generous 27", the handle is much longer, so it provides additional momentum when chopping kindling, splitting small log rounds, or clearing brush. The head is secured with a Beech wedge and a steel ring. The bright red on the handle end makes it easy to spot on the ground. Made to our specifications in Germany by a well-known foundry.

Specs: Weight: 2¼ lbs.; Handle: 27" long, Head: 3.5" x 5.5"

Individual Items

  • Kindling & Clearing Hatchet – 27 In. long Handle


    Kindling & Clearing Hatchet – 27 In. long Handle

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Maker

We wanted to share with you an inside look at a 4th generation family business that makes some of our best garden digging tools and most of our axes, hatchets, and clearing tools. 

It’s located in Germany near Heidelberg, not far from the Rhine River. The factory and forge are run by Tobias runs with his wife Dovile. In my 30+ years of being in the tool business, I’ve learned the exceptional people are those who always have an eye out for quality and can easily discuss both the use of the tools, the process of making them, as well as the craftsman who work for them. Tobias fit that mark perfectly – it’s in his blood. 

From the Hickory handles sourced in the USA to the forges powered by wood waste the details are considered. 


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