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5 in. Round Palm Sander

Prevents a dusty mess and ensures a great finish

We love the look and feel of this bright yellow palm sander--the nicely rounded ball grip sits beautifully in the hand and the curvature allows for subtle adjustments, making it incredibly comfortable and stable to use. Made of hard plastic, it sports a 5in. round sanding face--an ideal size for touch-ups and finish sanding, and it’s small and nimble enough that you’ll be able to access places and angles that are much harder to reach with power tools or bulky block sanders. The hook & loop surface allows for fast and easy attaching and detaching of the sanding sheets, which we have available in 120 and 180 grit versions, in packs of 5 each. The grits are designed for preparing your walls prior to painting for an optimal finish. Their aluminum oxide abrasive surfaces make them extremely durable and effective. These affordable sanders ensure the time spent painting shows in the final product.

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  • 5in. Round Palm Sander


    5 in. Round Palm Sander

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