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Affordable Garden Cloches - Extend the Season

These elegantly shaped stackable garden cloches are an easy and affordable way to extend the growing season deep into the fall.  Made of lightweight, slightly flexible plastic, they trap and retain the sun’s heat during the day against cold evenings and early mornings, while also providing a barrier against hungry pests.  An adjustable vent at the crown opens and closes to avoid overheating delicate greens on warmer days.  The graceful transparent bell shape won’t disrupt the visual flow of your growing area, while a series of precut holes around the base of the cloche let you stake it down for stability in all kinds of weather (highly recommended).  Measures 13” across at the base diameter, and stands approximately 11” high.  At this price for a set of three, you can buy several sets and use them all over your garden. 

Overall Dimensions

 Width  Length  Height  Weight
 13"  13"   11"   4.8 oz.

Individual Items

  • Affordable Garden Cloches - Extend the Season


    Affordable Garden Cloches - Extend the Season

    $39.50 $28.98
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