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Build Your Own Chiming Pendulum Clock

Years ago the writer remembers being in my grandfather’s den where the soothing ‘tick-tock’ of a Pendulum clock and gentle ‘ding’ would mark out the passage of time and the hours of the day. And as a small boy, I wondered how this happened all-day every-day. Here is the answer – perfect for someone who will be fascinated with complex structures.
The wood clock case (11¾ x 8¾ x 4½") hides a mechanism that lets you, with a few tools, delve into the project and give you hours of pleasure while you assemble the spring wound movement with striking wheels, springs, hour and minute hands, gears, sprockets, hammers, gongs and pendulum. The end result is that pleasing tick-tock and bell ringing chime on the hour and half-hour.
The project is challenging but not difficult with the proper tools (see below). A bit of manual dexterity is required, and it is strongly recommended that you read the complete manual before beginning the project.
The Clock is well designed, but like with any complex mechanism with many interrelated moving parts, some post-initial adjustment is likely to be required to achieve smooth gear movements (see the photo at right). This detailed handbook will take you through the history and step-by-step assembly instructions in making your own treasured timepiece. In this electronic digital world, we tend to forget how wonderful it is to see how things actually work. This is a real beauty.
As a help, we have pulled together a set of small scale tools to help you assemble the Clock Kit. The Kit includes thin needle nose pliers, locking alligator pliers, jeweler’s screwdrivers (slot & Phillips), and a pair of clamping tweezers.

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