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Combo Hatchet with Log Pick - German-Made


This hefty Hatchet, great for clearing brush, splitting rounds or limbing trunks, also features a log-pick. The 3" long hook gives this hatchet a serious and striking appearance, while adding heft to your down swing when splitting and chopping. The sharp hook gives you the ability to easily collect rounds or drag small logs back to the campfire. The ergonomic curve of the 19-½" long American Hickory handle makes it balanced on the swing. Light enough to wield with one hand, but just long and stout enough for comfortable two-handed swings. Handle end is painted fire engine red for easy visibility. A striking new tool for serious work. A fantastic new offering from a venerable, fourth-generation German forge.

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  • Combo Hatchet with Log Pick - German-Made


    Combo Hatchet with Log Pick - German-Made

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