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Compact Go-To Tool Boxes


Tool boxes for the home come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve all got that big, messy, over-filled metal box in our shop or closet. The expensive, bulky steel toolbox is so ubiquitous and ingrained, that we were pleasantly surprised by this plastic Compact Tool Box. Thoughtfully designed, with a spacious bottom reservoir for the big stuff, and a compartmentalized top tray for the smaller, loose stuff. At 17" long, 5½" tall, this is roomy enough for those half dozen crucial tools like hammers, screw drivers, planes, etc., but small and light enough for easy portability, as you undertake your roving jobs around the house. Really neat and a great bargain, in your choice of red or black. Add one or two of these, to help organize the clutter.

Individual Items

  • Black Compact Tool Box

  • Red Compact Tool Box

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